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Friday, 7 February 2014

Did David Cameron Score An Own Goal ?

David Cameron speech on Scottish independence
It was dubbed an emotional plea for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, made an intervention from the velodrome of the London Olympic stadium in London. Despite the advice from his advisers to stay away from issues regarding the Scottish referendum on independence, he said he cared too much not to be lending his voice on the issue. He added that he could not bear to the see the Union pulled apart and urged Scottish people not to vote for independence in the September referendum. He also urged other Brits to speak and make a case for the union.

 The PM is a brilliant and even an excellent speaker but your blogger cannot help but to say that it was a horrible speech. The speech sounded too mechanical, vacuous and was honestly of very low quality. The problem was that the speech did not sound emotionally and probably because the lectern he spoke from had the logo Glasgow Caledonian University, which happen to have a campus in London. It sounded too patronizing, which made it difficult to pass his message across.

During the speech PM spoke about his family’s strong Scottish roots. He added that the name Cameron meant “crooked nose” and spelt out the Cameron clan motto “let us unite”.  Unfortunately, the speech might not do much to maintain the No Campaign’s lead in the polls.

Commentators have described the speech as what was needed by the about 35% undecided voters to make up their mind to vote “yes” come September 2014.  Ironically, to further complicate his situation, DC has vowed not to engage Alex Salmond, the naive braveheart First Minister of Scotland in a debate. Alex Salmond and his unionist party feel that branding DC as an out of touch, posh aristocrat will win them a debate. They are wrong.

The people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland deserve a better fight to keep the union. David Cameron should take a longitudinal strategy to entering debates with Alex Salmond. Perhaps it could be split it into three debates – just like the American presidential debates. He could take on two with Alex Salmond and the Alastair Campbell could take the bombastic Nicola Sturgeon – the deputy First Minister of Scotland – on the third round of the debate. The intervention from the Prime Minister now seems inevitable because he has now exposed himself, so instead dodging, he needs to attack.

David Cameron knows he needs to be wary not to be caught in Alex Salmond’s “posh patrician” trap of engaging in debate, but he might now have to do it. Your blogger is of the opinion that if his planned trips to Scotland don’t seem to work, he should definitely engage in constructive debates. He would easily see off Alex Salmond only if he gets his substance right. The Scottish First Minister is bruiser; his political success has been built on blaming London for everything. Perhaps it’s time for him to get what he has always asked for: a debate, not in London but definitely in Edinburgh. DC needs to leave his comfort zone.