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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Garozi !!! That Sounds African?

When she is present in a room, she just happens to be relatively unknown. A few hellos here and there, all of a sudden everybody wants to get to know her. There is no doubt; she knows how to walk a room. Her most potent strength is that she knows how to court attention and the audience she does get. A combative but not destructive debater, she always holds her forth. She has the sway, it’s no surprise she's crazy about dancing.

Maria Garozi, a psychologist by training, is off to Kenya to volunteer for 3 weeks for the International Volunteers Hq, a Non Governmental Organisation / Charity. She did not commission this blog to write about her trip but the relationship runs deep. She will be coming up with her own blog to account on her exploits in Kenya, as well as an article for the British Psychological Society upon her return.

After 6 months of fund raising and strategizing on courses of action, she seems to be steaming and fired up on the prospects of living in Kenya. The trip will be 100% self-funded - about £3000. While in Kenya, she will be working and caring for orphans. The organisation sending her there seems to have prepped her for what is to come: for things like erratic power supply, rough roads and probably no pipe borne water.

Maria is horrible at pronouncing names, especially African names. For example, Dapo will be Dambo, Ope will be Opai and Sauchiehall will be Sauchenhall. You can only imagine what will happen when she is confronted with even thicker Luo, Massai or Kikuyu names. In typical African fashion, she might be living with a native name, let’s hope she gets the pronunciation right.

Don't Hold Your Breath

The blogger will expect an OMG when she touches down Nairobi on 31/05/2013. One thing is certain, this might be the first time she might know what it means to be a racial minority. But Miss Garozi, has walked this walk previously in Glasgow. A social network analysis on her Facebook page show that her connections cut across 6 continents - many of them African.

But touching down on mother Africa will be a different ball game. Seeing people as dark as the earth will appeal to the senses in one way or the other. Unfortunately, she seems to have to be wary of in insecurity in Kenya. There are actually no bases for this, but the thought of being different on a continent known for little good is understandable.

Her on and off boyfriend, a UK based Nigerian lawyer, is jittery about her trip. He fears she might struggle but also admits that she is a fighter. This blog reckons that this trip might be a gluing factor. The blogger hopes that whatever comes out of this trip, it should make her proud of her achievements and hopefully humble about the good things she enjoys as well as the good she has to give.