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Friday, 1 March 2013

What Oscar Pistorious' Neighbours Are Saying

Mr A: U see how this oscar pistorius is south african and his misses is from the uk...u think he got confused with the term...take ur girl out for valentines?? with Mr B
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Mr C:  Av heard it wont "stand up" in court!  thank you and gd nite 

Mr AHahaha its a shame Mr C  cuz the guy had the whole world at his feet

Mr CHahaha av heard a rumour tht its all a joke and the police were jst pullin his leg x

Mr A: Apparently he was legless on the whisky as well crazy man crazy c

Mr CHaha tht was ma next route mate great minds, great minds x

Mr A: We shud charge for chat this good son x

Mr CIf michael fuckin mcintyre can a cany see why we cant mate x

Mr B: what actually happened was they had an argument and she said "I'll be the bigger person and WALK away" *bang* .. games a bogey.

Mr A:  Hahahahahaha love it its a trio act x

Mr Bshe probably told him to fuck off when he was trying to get his leg over .. *bang* pan bread.

Mr C: Av heard he tried to take to his heels when he saw the police booooommm! Where does 

it end, where?

  • Mr B: aww. lads she couldn't have heard him sneak up on her .. must've been silence of the 

    limbs! haha Yaaas!

    Mr A: Chelsea cudnt believe a man with no legs was a better shot than torres sign him up x

Mr C: I personally think he needs taken dwn a leg or   two,,, peg a meant peg x
Mr AI mean its not the first time a man has been heard 

shootin all over his misses imaginin she was someone else 

Mr B:  maybe all the fame has went to his head and he 

got a too big for his blades .. boots I mean boots. lol

Mr C: Av heard he thot it was jst a starter pistol 


Mr B: he'll go down as the biggest fuck up in history .. but 

still we can't class him as shooting himself in the foot. 

ooooooh ah!  


As Mr Pistorious has been granted bail, lets hope he doesn't jump it, because he won't last long on the run