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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

6 Interview Questions Graduates Hate

This piece basically has to do with interview questions asked to graduates for entry level jobs. Questions you should endeavor not to ask as an interviewer, so not to look stupid. Job seekers might as well look out for them.

1. Who is the CEO of the Firm?

To be honest who cares who the CEO of the company is? Knowing whoever the person is does not in anyway show how suitable the candidate is for the job. Rather, it shows bad interviewing skills and lack of imagination. A better question could be, what do you know about this firm?

2. Tell me about yourself !

This is an absolute joke of a question. Some interviews, especially before a group assessment, go along the lines of "Can everyone tell us about themselves? The most ridiculous one cited (an interview at investment bank) has been, tell me about yourself in one minute? You have the person's CV in front of you.

3. That useless curve ball question.

Career advisers always tell you how to be ready a curve ball question.Why would an interviewer want to trick or deceive you. Graduates are usually advised not to be flustered and take the question in the fate it was intended or politely request that the question be skipped. The usual excuse is that recruiters want to assess how the candidate would react in a difficult situation. There are definitely psychological justifications for this, but common, what happened to directly checking if the candidate is suitable for the job. If you really want to surprise the candidate, bring out a gun.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The blogger was once asked this question and the reply was, owning a bank (I got the job). Call that a belter, a real belter would be a response like, on your seat if you don't mind?

5. What are your weaknesses?

Are you having a laugh? I'm superman!

6. Why do you want this job?

The job of an interviewer is essentially to be ascertain if the candidate is suitable for the job in question. By asking the applicant why they want the job you simply not inspiring any form of confidence in the firm.

 It is simple, experience, academic qualifications and soft skills.